Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the scoop

If you have questions that are not answered here. Shoot us an email

Where do you tattoo?

Our shop is located at 104 Milton Ave in Ballston Spa, New York. We are open by appointment, or by chance (generally Monday-Saturday 1pm-8pm). We also like to travel for national and international tattoo conventions and guest spots.

Are you hiring?

Yes and no. We are currently fully staffed but for the right person we would make space for the right tattooer and are open to hosting guests. Email us at with portfolio links and a little bit about yourself.

How do I set up an appointment?

Please fill out the consultation form on the Request an Appointment page. We will email you back with a date and where to send your retainer. At that time we will also ask for images of where you want your tattoo as well as reference images you may have.

Do you require a retainer/deposit?

We do. Retainers/Deposits are for the agreed project and are non-refundable. It is not an extra fee. The Retainer/Deposit is applied to the final session of your tattoo. Deposits will be forfeited for no call no shows. (Which we hate doing, so please, let’s not waste each other’s time). Most of Ransom's projects require a $200 retainer, although some larger projects may require $300-$500, depending on the size. Devan's retainer fee is $50 - $200 depending on the project. Leighton's retainer fee is $50.

What do you charge?

In studio Ransom charges $200 per hour or $600 for 4 hours or $1000 flat rate for the day (6-8 hours). On the road Ransom charges a flat rate of $200 per hour.
Devan charges $150 an hour.
Leighton charges $100 an hour.
Shop minimum is $100.

What do you recommend for aftercare?

We recommend you remove your bandage after at least one hour. Then clean gently with a basic fragrance free soap, examples would be Dr. Bronner's or Ivory. Rinse and blot dry with a new paper towel. Then apply a minimal amount of Redemption Aftercare or Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion with Aloe. Repeat 3 to 5 times daily.

Will you remake someone else's tattoo on me?

The short answer is NO. We think our clients deserve to have a custom piece drawn and tattooed on them. We are happy to use any reference images you have found as inspiration, but would much prefer to make you something original. You deserve it. That being said we do make exceptions. For example, we would do our best to recreate a deceased relatives tattoo for you.

Do you tattoo pregnant or breastfeeding people?

No. But you could get a tooth gem!

Do you accept tips?

We never expect to be tipped, however we always appreciate it.
Ransom accept tips in the form of coffee (Death Wish preferred), size 11.5 Nike's or cash
Devan accepts tips in the form of Monster energy drinks, cash or anything pig related.
Leighton accepts tips in the form of house plants, food and cash.