Frequently Asked Questions
Tooth Gems

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What are Tooth Gems?

Tooth Gems are a semi-permanent, painless way to add some bling to your teeth. Tooth Gems are bonded to your tooth with the same adhesives a dentist uses to apply braces - TOOTH GEMS ARE NOT DRILLED INTO YOUR TEETH.

Do I need to Be 18 Years old To Get A Tooth Gem?

18+ preferred, please bring your ID. I will accept under 18 with a parent or legal guardian present.

How long will the tooth gem last?

Tooth gems can last anywhere from a few months to multiple years with proper regular dental care.

what are tooth gems made out of?

I use only 100% Genuine Lead Free Swarovski/Preciosa Crystals and 18k yellow, white and rose gold.

will it hurt?

Not at all! Tooth Gems are adhered to your tooth and not drilled in, therefor the only discomfort is having to keep your mouth open during the procedure!

how long do they last and what if i swallow it?

Tooth gems last anywhere from a few months to multiple years with proper care. Tooth gems are usually removed by your dentist but if the gem falls off on its own and you swallow it the gem will pass in the natural way. Tooth gems are smooth and lead free will not damage your insides.

how much do tooth gems cost?

Prices vary depending on your gem choice and the design of your gems.

Crystal Gems
1 Round Crystal Gem: $60
+ each additional round crystal gem: $30
Shape Crystal Gem: $70
+ each additional shape crystal gem: $40

18k Yellow, White or Rose Gold
1 Gold Gem: $100-$120
+ each additional gold gem: $80

how should i prepare before my appointment?

If possible brush your teeth before your appointment, I have disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste to brush your teeth at the appointment as well. You should not eat or drink anything other than water for a minimum of 2 hours after your appointment so plan accordingly before your appointment.

Can i still receive regular dental treatments?

Absolutely. If you are concerned about treatments with your dentist/orthodontist, it may be best to schedule those 1 week prior to your appointment.
You can still have teeth whitening procedures, but know that the area of the tooth below your gem(s) will not receive the treatment and will not be the same color as the rest of your treated teeth.
Please note Invisalign can not be used with tooth gems as they will not fit your teeth. If you are using Invisalign and would like to add gems to your Invisalign (not your tooth) please let me know when scheduling your appointment. If you have retainers I can place gems around your retainer, if you are booking an appointment and have retainers please let me know when booking so I can plan accordingly.

How Do I Schedule/Do you Accept Walk-Ins?

Anytime I am at the shop I am happy to take a walk-in. I am at the shop most Saturdays and I will post walk-in days on my instagram @toothgemsbyshannon as well as the shops page. I am currently only booking appointments through my Instagram DMs or my email

do you accept tips?

I never expect to be tipped, however I always appreciate it. I accept tips in the form of anything cute and tooth related, anything from Sage Wine on Front St or cash.